Severely Burned Teen Continues To Fight For His Life

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"Keep the prayers going because theres very visible miracles going on here", said his aunt and guardian LouAnne Schmidt.

16 year old Timothy 'Tiger' Desjadon suffered 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burns throughout most of his body. Nearly a week later, his family says they're amazed at how he continues to fight for his life.

"When it first happened, we couldn't even recognize him.Then Monday came along and he started falling into place even more and Tuesday came along and he got even better", said Schmidt.

On Wednesday, the young man gave his his uncle who he calls "dad" a piece of hope.

"All of a sudden he just opened eyes up just long enough to where you could see the brown in his eyes then he closed them back shut right was wonderful", said Kenneth Schmidt.

Six days later, Tigers family says he is not out of the woods just yet. But there is more hope every day he seems to hold on stronger.

"They've already done skin graphs and sent them to Boston, they're growing his own skin now as we speak.So its too soon, to go putting his own skin back on but its a major step. Still a very long way to go, very long ride ahead of us, but we've got the faith and he's got the will power".

Tiger is still listed in critical condition, but his aunt says he had his second surgery today and just like the first one, it was successful.

Donations can be made to the 'Tiger Fund' at any National City Bank in Central Kentucky.

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