Woman Shot While Holding Infant

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It happened on Kittiwake Drive, just off of Man O' War near Bold Bidder. One of the people shot was a mother, who was holding her infant. .

"When officers arrived they found three victims, two male and one female who we believe all knew eachother", said Lt. Edward Hart of Lexington Police.

One neighbor says he witnessed the frightening ordeal which started out as an argument and quickly escalated into a violent shoot out.

"I saw them both run for their cars, the white guy was strumbling trying to get his gun, then the black guy pulled out his gun and I saw him load it, I said crap and I ran inside and then I heard a shot fired, the girl got shot and then a couple more shots and then the black guy got shot badly, said Michael Brandon.

The witness says by the end of it all, three victims lay hurt in front of his next door neighbors home.

"The black guy had a nice big blood wound in his lower back and his chest was all covered in blood, he was just laying on the ground, moaning. The white guy got nicked in the ear and was holding his ear the whole time, the girl was just laying in the ground, she got shot in the thigh area", said Brandon,

Police say the baby was not hurt. Sunday they arrested the baby's father, Charles Rogers. He is charged with assault and carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

The mother of the baby, Spechelle Warner is listed in good condition at UK Hospital. Her boyfriend, Derek Estes is in serious condition at UK as well.

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