Vandals Hit Central Lexington Over And Over

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The damage could be in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In recent weeks, Central Lexington has become the target for vandals.

"It's appauling, they are defacing private and public property," said Lisa Johnson, a resident of the area.

Johnson has spent hundreds of dollars of her own money in an attempt to remove the graffiti. But she says as soon as she does, the vandals hit the same property again, as if they are mocking her.

"It's a never ending job, but this is the worst I've ever seen it," Johnson said.

"Cheeba," a slang word for marajuana, can be found on nearly every sign, street pole and utility box along High and Maxwell Streets.

"It's just offensive, I can't imagine what people from outside our community think, when they drive down these streets and see all of this." Johnson goes on to say, "They have to be thinking, who would want to live here?"

Johnson says she will continue her fight for a graffiti-free Lexington and she is asking for others to help, so the city she calls beautiful, doesn't get a bad wrap.

"This is our community and it's one of the most beautiful places I know and I want to keep it that way," Johnson said.

The Lexington Police are also asking for help. If you have any information you are ask to call them.

Lisa Johnson says there will likely be a reward offered very soon for information leading to the arrest of those responsible. In the meantime, she is planning for youth groups to assist in the clean-up.

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