Lexington Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony

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For many people Memorial Day was filled with picnics, bar-b-que's and family gatherings, but for many more it was filled with tributes to our military.

One such moving ceremony was this morning at the Lexington Cemetery where hundreds gathered to pay their respects and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Mayor Jim Newberry spoke to the crowd saying "This is the day our community, our state out nation, remembers and honors the countless vets who died in service to us." Mayor Newberry reminded everyone that we are able to celebrate today because of the sacrifices so many made before us. "Each one of these white markers is a soul lost because they believed in something bigger, they believed in America."

US Army Captain Corey Flannery says he is happy to see so many people out here today "Especially the younger ones. The older folks, they know what this day is about, but it's nice to see the younger ones learning about it."

Veteran Fred Doster says it was much different when he returned from Vietnam "It's nice that we can honor our service men and women regardless of our political affiliation. When I came back from Vietnam I had to go right to the bathroom and change out of my military clothes because we didn't have the respect they have now. It's about time."

Captain Flannery urges everyone to honor those who gave their lives more than just this one day a year "Until every last service member is home we can never forget."

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