Danville Crime Spree Has Neighbors On Edge

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For months thieves have targeted a Danville neighborhood, stealing trailers, lawn care items and items from cars.

Now two victims, who spoke with 27 NEWSFIRST, are wondering what is going to happen next.

Earnest Gooch says his trailer was stolen last week, it was also his second job. Inside the trailer were tools to his cleaning supply business. He says it's worth nearly $5,000.

Gooch says he is one of many victims, his son was victimized three times, one time the criminals broke into his home.

Another man John Kinley says his vehicle was vandalized awhile back. John Kinley awoke one morning to find his personal belongings from his car scattered across his driveway.

Kinley says, "I looked at my truck, the doors were open, It'd been vandalized. They snatched the dash loose, my stereo and DVD player were broken."

Now they are warning their neighbors, so no one else falls victim to this crime spree.

Both victim's tell us they've seen an increase in police patrols, but so far no arrests have been made.

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