Kentucky Man Saves Two From Drowning In Ocean

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It was the Burden family's first visit to Panama City Florida. They had just checked into their hotel and were settling in on the beach when 36 year old Terry Burden heard two calls for help.

He says about 300 feet off shore he could see two heads bobbing in the water getting further and further from the beach.

Burden says he acted on instinct, grabbed his seven year old son's boogie board and attempted to rescue the pair.

As he came upon the 14 year old boy and his uncle stranded out at sea, he quickly learned that without more help he would be the third victim of the undertow.

Meanwhile on shore, Burden's wife was frantically looking for someone to help, saying there were many around but no one willing to do anything.

For thirty minutes the three people clung to the board waiting for help, finally a lifeguard came and pulled the 14 year old to shore.

Then another rescuer on a jet ski pulled the two men safely to shore as well, putting a happy ending on an otherwise frightful day at the beach.

Still, Burden says his family went on to have the greatest vacation of their lives saying fortunately, he only had to put his rescue skills to the test that one time.

The family plans to return to Panama City as soon as they can.

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