Whitley County Murder Suspect Claims Self-Defense In Shooting

Richard Adams admits to being at a house in the Rockholds community Tuesday night and he even admits to shooting and killing Jesse Graves, but he says it was no crime.

“It was self defense to the bone. I am not guilty of murder and I do not belong in this cage,” Adams told 27 NEWSFIRST from the Whitley County Jail Wednesday.

Police say both Adams and the victim, Graves, where at the house. Two women and a child were also there. Adams says one of the women had invited him there. Police say the two men were arguing over one of the women. Adams says Graves was touching her inappropriately and that's when he told him to stop and pushed him back.

“Everything was going smooth. Jesse came in was acting all all crazy...raw, raw, raw, and I had the gun and I said ‘you better stop.’ He's on steroids and I said you better stop...and he's a big guy. Are you going to fight a big guy like that?” said Adams.

Graves was shot and he was pronounced dead on the scene. Adams also says he thinks Graves has been out to get him for ten years, because Adams says he testified against one of Graves’ friends in a murder trial then.

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