Killer Forgiven By Victim's Family

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It was an emotional day in a Campbell County courtroom Wednesday as a Virginia man pleaded guilty to reckless homicide in the killing a northern Kentucky teen.

14-year old Heather Lynn Evans was killed last summer when Gregory Gibson ran a red light and slammed into the truck she was riding in.

Today Evans' family came face to face with the man responsible for ending their loved one's life. One by one the family members detailed how Gibson's actions stole Heather's life and changed theirs forever. But in the end, the family made it clear, they didn't want to condemn Gibson, they wanted to forgive him.

The convicted killer was overwhelmed by their compassion for him. When he apologized, he said," I know sorry will never be enough". After the proceedings the family of Heather Evans made one final gesture of forgiveness. They hugged the man.

Gibson's sentence is five years of probation, 12 months of in-home incarceration, and 100 hours of community service, in which he'll educate people on the evils of reckless driving.