Toddler Found Wandering Alone

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"She was like this far from my front bumper".

Carol Hope says she was startled by a little girl who darted out in front of her car as she drove down West High Street this morning.

"She just ran right across the street, she sat down on those gravels right there and just started crying", said Hope.

Realizing the toddler was alone, Hope says she pulled over and knocked at a neighbors door, who helped clothe the child, only wearing a T-shirt, until police arrived.

"Police came knocking on doors and found that she was being cared for by a 13 year-old that evidently stayed home from school to take care of his little sister, while their parents were at work", said Hope.

"The little boy is only thirteen, he looked like he had just woken up, he was probably asleep and she wandered out and he didn't know it. But that's what happens when you have little kids watching other children", said neighbor Gina Shepherd.

Police say one of the parents was called home to care for both children. They also say Child Protective Services were notified and will conduct their own investigation.

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