Park And Ride Goes Regional?

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Hundreds of people commute to work in Lexington everyday.

Now with rising gas prices, some of those people are really feeling the pain in their wallets. Some people in clark county are crying out for help and LexTran is listening.

Lexington Transit Authority officials met tonight with a group of citizens in clark county, to discuss the possbility of creating a bus route, that would pick up commuters and bring them to Lexington. Some folks at the meeting say this regional park and ride would change their lives for the better. Thursday's meeting was aimed to see if regional transportation is something citizens want. If approved the route could start running this summer.

However, before that can be done the county and Lextran must find a way to make sure citizens are paying their fair share for the service. Currently LexTran Operations are subsidized by Lexington taxpayer money.

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