Lexington Closes Annex Garage For A Day of Maintenance

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Concern over parking garages in Lexington began in 2006 when a concrete slab from a bank garage fell on a pregnant woman and killed her.

The city's Annex garage was closed from 7am to 6pm Saturday for maintenance work with future safety in mind. 2 workmen used 1 truck, 2 lifts and a couple of hammers to knock down loose concrete but not enough to even to fill that one pick-up truck.

The city's project manager, Dave Loney, told 27 NEWSFIRST, "We're talking a few hundred pounds maybe of concrete throughout a parking facility that parks over 370 cars."

Loney says similar concrete maintenance is being done in older parking garages around the country wherever freezing and thawing take place.
"We refer to this as routine maintenance on an older garage. Taking a two pound hammer and going around and knocking on the concrete, on the walls, on the ceilings, going around and looking for any loose concrete and getting it knocked down before it causes any problems.
This garage was built in 1965."

The city actually began taking a careful look at it's garages before the troubling incident that took a woman's life at the Chase Bank Garage.
Lexington started condition assessments on all of it's parking structures in 2005. A structural evaluation of the Annex garage is now scheduled for the second week of June.

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