Woman Robbed At Knifepoint In Home

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It was a frightening Sunday morning for a Southern Kentucky woman after she woke up in her home only to find a stranger armed with a knife.

59-year-old Wanda Koon's son tells 27 NEWSFIRST, and unknown man busted down his mother's front door and held her at knife-point.

"He actually tried to stab her once, but missed, when she tried to get away he hit her four of five times in the stomach and chest," said her son, who asked not to be identified.

He says the man then fled with his mothers purse with had five-hundred dollars inside it. The suspect also stole the woman's prescription medication.

"As soon as it happened my mom came to my house pounding on the door," he said. He lives just feet from his mother.

"I hurried to make sure she was OK, we called the police and I went searching for the man, but never found him," he said.

State police arrived on scene soon after, but also came up empty handed.

Koon's son believes the suspect not only knew his mother but may have been planning this for sometime.

"He better hope the police find him before I do, because that's my mom."

Wanda Koons was taken to the hospital, but was released Sunday afternoon. Police say the suspect is Hispanic and are asking the public for help.

If you have information, which can be made anonymously call 859-623-2404.

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