Trial Begins For Couple Accused Of Killing Toddler

A couple, accused of killing a two-year-old girl, is standing trial in Madison County, pointing the finger of blame at each other.

Verona Brinegar and Ronnie Crabtree both face charges of murder and criminal abuse. Brinegar's daughter, Callie Robinson, died last August. An autopsy showed she died of asphyxiation. Richmond Police also say Callie had several bruises on her body at the time of her death. During a pre-trial hearing, investigators testified the girl had burn marks consistent with a cigarette.

Opening arguments from prosecutors pointed the finger at both defendants, claiming they abused and neglected the child for some time.
Attorneys for both defendants tell a different story; each claiming the other is responsible. Testimony began Monday afternoon with neighbors who Brinegar first ran to after discovering her daughter unresponsive in the couple's apartment.

Testimony continues Tuesday and the trial is expected to last until the end of the week.

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