Assault Suspect Back In Court

A Pulaski County man is accused of attacking his grandson's teacher because he was upset the child did not get a trophy at an awards ceremony.

But Marion Flynn went before a Pulaski County judge Monday morning and said he was not guilty.

Marion Flynn has been in jail ever since police say he slapped his grandson's 4th grade teacher, but he will be getting out. A Pulaski County judge agreed to lower his bond in court Monday morning.

Flynn is accused of hitting the teacher at an awards ceremony at the last day of school at Burnside Elementary. Police say Flynn didn't agree with the certificate his grandson received that had to do with attendance and slapped the teacher.

Now although Flynn is out on bond, he cannot leave his house. He will be on home incarceration and he must wear an ankle bracelet. If he is caught trying to leave his house, he will go back to jail.

Flynn was also ordered to not have any contact with any school or school officials.

Flynn's case could be called back up for review in district court August 4th unless he is indicted.

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