Clark County Burn Victim; Two Weeks Later

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Luanne Schmidt, Timothy's aunt gives us an exclusive look at the aftermath as she relives that horrifying Sunday morning when the fire broke out.

She takes us to the bedroom upstairs, where investigators say the fire started from a bad electrical chord. "Fire spread to the plastic on the ceiling where we were remodeling and it rolled over the wall, to the ceiling into Timothy's room, it rolled down and he was sleeping on his stomach" said Schmidt.

She then retraces his agonizing footsteps throughout the house as he stumbled and staggered while his socks were burned to his feet, she recalls.

She says its been a battle of survival for the kid many know as "Tiger", yet she says they are amazed at his recovery, which is already ahead of schedule. "He is now out of his coma, he has had four successful surgeries, his skin has been removed from his leg to repair both arms, he has had tendon repair in the right arm but they will have to amputate the fingertips on that hand", she says.

Desjadon's family hopes house repairs will be completed by August and ready for his anticipated return back home.

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