Fire Destroys Winery Owner's Home

No one was home when the fire on the grounds of Lover's Leap Winery started Tuesday morning. The owners of the log house and the winery were on vacation. When they return from Florida, they'll have to replace everything.

“Yeah, it is a beautiful home. And it does pain me to see anyone lose their possessions in a fire,” says Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes.

State police were on hand to investigate but nothing is suspicious about the origin. Instead, weather gets the likely blame.

“I’ve had several reliable reports of lightning strikes in this area. So we're investigating that as a possible cause,” says Chief Barnes.

The fire was reported after 8 o'clock, but the fire chief says the fire started burning sometime before anyone saw it.

“We had a delayed notification on this. So it had a good head start on us,” Barnes said.

Firefighters couldn't save much in a home made almost entirely out of wood.

Winery employees say Lover’s Leap Winery owner Jerry Holder holds claim to the largest vineyard in Kentucky. The vineyard and the winery building itself were not damaged.

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