Cleanup Continues After Severe Thunderstorms

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People throughout Lexington woke up to quite a mess after a severe storm blew through town.

Powerful winds threw trees across roads and downed power-lines, causing significant damage to homes, buildings and cars. Now the clean-up for home owners begins.

Some home owners will go to bed Tuesday night with a tarp over their heads instead of a roof. But while there were no reports of any serious injuries from the storm, it was quite a wake up call.

With really loud claps of thunder to go along with the sound of branches breaking and emergency scanners squawking, it was anything but a quiet morning.

"I was just about to walk out the door when lightning hit real hard and all of a sudden the tree just fell," said Raymond Ross, a frightened home owner.

A tree right in front of Raymond Ross's front door broke, but did minimal damage to his porch. On the other hand, his neighbor and his kids could have been skewered when the tree shot through the wall of their living room.

"I was laying on my living room couch with my 2 little kids and the tree limb came through the wall and scared the crap out of me. I was trying to get them out of the living room so I could get them to safety," said James Clark.

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