Police: Teens Stole Four-Hundred Pound Safe

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Three Madison County teens face theft charges after Berea police say the teens stole a hand gun and a safe filled with several thousands dollars from a Berea gas station over a period of two-days.

Police say they first hit the Osbourne Shell Station on exit 77 on Monday May 26th.

"They stole a hand gun and an undetermined amount of cash on that night," said Berea police Capt. Ken Clark.

It was just two-days later when police say the same teens struck again, this time stealing a 400 pound safe.

"They went through the front door, the same as they did the first time, I'm not sure how they got away with the safe, but they did," said Capt. Clark.

The very next day, police caught a break when a Madison County Sheriff Deputy responded to a complaint of gunfire at the Methodist Church on Old Wallacton Road.

"When the deputy arrived, he found the stolen safe lying in the parking lot with over forty shotgun shells surrounding it," said Capt. Clark.

Police say the teens were trying to break into the safe by shooting round after round at it.

"All they did was turn the money into confetti, there was nothing left but shredded money and lottery tickets," Capt. Clark said.

Police got another break in the case when they responded to the Circle K in Berea on Saturday May 31 on a complaint of theft.

"When we got there two teens admitted to stealing candy bars, by chance we noticed a clear plastic bag in the back seat of one of the suspects, it was full of money, well confetti," said Capt. Clark.

It was enough for police to connect the two to the stolen safe. They arrested the young adults on the spot. Chris Terrill, 18 and William Roark, 18, were both charged with burglary 1st, burglary 3rd, and receiving stolen property. A third suspect, Tabitha Parsons, 18, was charged with complicity to burglary 1st.

All three were taken to the Madison County jail. As of Tuesday night, Terrill and Roark remained behind bars.

It's estimated the safe had anywhere from $4,000 to $9,000. The teens will face the charges in court soon.

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