Murder Scene Demolished; Making Room For Memorial Building

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People in a central Kentucky town are undertaking a big project to carry on the memory of a young murder victim.

Six-year old Wesley Mullins was murdered in his grandfather's Bourbon County garage almost a year ago.

On Wednesday, the house and garage were torn down. What was once a gruesome reminder of a brutal crime will be turned into something very positive for the city of Paris.

A new building will soon stand where the house and garage once did. It will be a non-profit office building providing space for community-based organizations. It will be called "Wesley's Place."

The entire cost of the project will be $325,000. So far, organizers have raised $50,000, so they are well on their way.

If you would like to make a donation to Wesley's Place. You can contact the Project Manager, Mark Williams at 859-533-6374 or Wesley's Aunt, Pam Jacques at 859-608-6159.

Lewis 'Buck' Ballard, the man accused of killing Wesley Mullins, is set to go to trial for the murder in October.

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