Vandals Hit Danville Skatepark

People are mad the Danville skate park recently took on a new look.

“Yes it was project graduation night at Boyle County High School. Saturday night. We came in early Sunday morning and saw it,’ says Danville/Boyle Co. Parks and Recreation Director John Drake.

Some of the graffiti has language unfit to show on television, and children who use the park.

“If their parents saw some of the language, they're going to pick them up and take them home,” says Drake.

Some skateboarders say people don't understand what they do....and the graffiti just adds to the negative stereotype.

“People come to the skate park and all they see is all the bad words and stuff. It makes it look like it's a part of us and we're not the ones who did it,” said skater Nick Gill.

Now park workers are busy trying to clean the mess up.

“Makes us go out of our way. Don't really like to do it. Kind of resent skaters when they do this kind of thing. Wish they would just use the park for what it's intended for and not vandalism,” says Jameson Gay.

Park officials say they're considering closing the skate park for a few hopes that skaters who know who did this..will tell on the vandals.

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