Clark County Couple Sentenced In Child Abuse Case

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Genne Burgess plead guilty to charges she knew about Jesse Patrick's abuse on their three week old son and didn't report it. Her attorney's plea for probation was followed by one of her own.

"I feel about it, I should have taken the chance that I had to get help when I had the safe chance and I just didn't do it and I feel bad about it. I just want a second chance to be with my son", said Burgess in court.

But the judge said she didn't think the 23-year-old mother had done enough to protect her child and denied her request. She was sentenced to five years in prison.

Jesse Patrick who admitted to throwing they baby in the crib causing bruises to his head and neck was sentenced to ten years in prison.

The baby is now five months old and in the care of child protective services.

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