Guilty Verdict In Richmond Murder Trial

Friday night a jury found Ronald Crabtree and Verona Brinegar guilty of murdering a two-year-old girl.

The two face 20 years minimum for the murder charges and up to 10 years for the criminal abuse conviction.

Both the prosecution and Ronald Crabtree's attorney called their final witnesses Thursday.

One expert from the prosecution testified two-year-old Callie Robinson died as a result of being suffocated, or the the defense's expert, who says she accidentally choked to death.

Thursday, the prosecution brought another expert to the stand to tell the jury if Callie choked, there would be evidence of it when EMS tried to revive her.

But the prosecution's expert, State Medical Examiner Dr. John Huntsaker III, admits it's possible that detail of clearing an airway could be left out of the report he reviewed.

After the prosecution rested its case, Ronald Crabtree's lawyer called one more witness to give the jury a better idea of Crabtree's character --- his ex-wife Rhonda Crabtree.

She says the two divorced after he had an affair with another woman, but says besides acting childish at times Crabtree was a good man.

What the jury didn't see was a protective order filed against Crabtree for being abusive to his ex-wife.

The Judge did not allow that as evidence and Rhonda Crabtree did not have to answer questions about it.

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