KY Girl's Toes Mangled On Escalator

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A Kentucky family was on vacation heading to Disney World when something terrible happened. Their daughter's foot became stuck in an escalator at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

EMT's rushed the little girl to the hospital after being stuck for about 15 minutes. She suffered three broken toes. Doctors placed a pin in one and performed surgery to clean bones and remove skin contaminated by escalator grease.

Her foot may eventually be as good as new, but her shoe is a different story. She was wearing "Crocs" at the time, a brand of footwear gaining attention for escalator accidents.

The Associated press reported on seven incidents at Hartfield Airport escalators, five involved Crocs. The girl's mother says airport personnel told her a similar accident happened just days before her daughter's.

Because of her injuries, Lexi Pregliasco is required to spend three weeks in bed.

A New York parent is suing Crocs shoe company for $7 million claiming his daughter was severely and permanently injured in a similar case.

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