Southern Kentuckians Find Heat Relief at Lake, Waterpark

With the sun beating down...anywhere near water is the ideal place on an extremely hot day.

“I need to keep out of the sun...I'll sizzle out here if I don't get in the water,” said Jason True.

True and his family spent the day on Lake Cumberland. But he admitted he was going to be "in" Lake Cumberland a lot.

A few miles up the road at Somersplash water was booming.

“From a business standpoint, (the weather it's great for us. Our parking lot's full. Kids having a great time,” said Somersplash manager Stephen Sims.

The hot weather had no complaints from those going down the slides...relaxing on the lazy river.....or floating in the wave pool...but getting out on the hot concrete did pose a problem for one young man.

“Yeah, because my feet are burning right now!’ exclaimed Austin Countrymen. “I step in the water (to keep cool) and I need to step in the water right now!”

For others...they didn’t necessarily need a cool dip. Just a cold drink and a hot tune.

“Drink a little coke. Get in the water every now and then. Listen to some Bob Marley,” said Chad Waters.

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