Thieves Target Local Business For Copper

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"If it continues it will get pretty unbearable back here and it will be difficult to work", says Chuch Starr, owner of Collectors Gallery.

He says it has been a rough work day. Fans are set up throughout his business to try to cool things down because thieves destroyed two of their four AC units for copper.

"We noticed it because we started getting uncomfortably warm inside the building and came outsie to see if the fans were working and noticed they had been attacked", says Starr.

And because business hasn't stopped, they're forced to deal with the heat inside and out. All because someone decided copper within the units were worth the burden and the risk".

We've been told by the air conditioning people that those doing this are pros, this is 400, not 110 electricity and if your not careful you could electricuted very easily. So I hope they're enjoying the fruits of their ill gotten games because it's not only a physical burden but a financial burden also", he said.

Starr says they may have to deal with the situation until the middle of next week. He says the cost to replace each unit is estimated at $3,500.

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