Riding For Bobbey

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They rode for Bobbey. Friends and family of Bourbon County volunteer firefighter Bobbey Rose, killed earlier this year when his truck was hit by a train, remembered the 18-year-old Sunday in special ceremony.

"This is a wonderful way to remember Bobbey's legacy," Lynn Rose, Bobby's mother, said.

Trucks lined up the streets of Bourbon County this afternoon all in an effort to raise money for the Bobbey Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund

"Bobbey didn't get to finish school so the fund was set up in recognition of him to allow additional education for someone else," she said.

The 18-year-old lost his life in January when an oncoming train collided with his truck at a crossing on Houston-Antioch Road. His family wants to make sure his desire to help others lives on.

"I'm excited all these people came out to support our cause, my brother was a volunteer firefighter and it just shows how many people really cared about him cause he cared about people, and this is for him," Bobbey's brother Brian said.

Family and friends decided to make this a truck cruise in memory of his passion for trucks.

"Bobbey was always the one to help people out. So therefore, what we're doing in the long run is earning money and going back and putting it back into what he would've done," friend, Amber Lukins said.

The Rose family says the truck ride raised $500. Donations to the Bobbey Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund can be be made at any Kentucky Bank location.

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