Rural Areas Hit Hard By High Gas Prices

Wendell Hunter of Williamsburg says driving has become a luxury he just about can't afford anymore.

“I got a bunch of kids. We take them and go out bowling or to a movie. There's a whole lot of that we've had to cut out,” says Hunter.

The New York Times says people in rural areas like Whitley County are hurting worse than other places..where the amount of take home pay spent on gas has surpassed 13%. Pastor Billy Joe Lowe understands that..because some of his congregation is struggling just to make it to church.

“It knocks the numbers down some. Seems like a few people are teaming up and riding together, so they can come one,” says Lowe.

But customers apparently aren't the only victims. Some gas stations are closing..they're running out of gas. People say some smaller dealers can't make a profit anymore.

Victor Freeman spent 30 years running Butch's Exxon off I-75 in Williamsburg. But the high cost of gas did him in. Other area businesses are hurting, too. John Braten's business is in Tennessee, yet many of his customers are in Kentucky. His company vehicle is now a motorcycle...where a roundtrip costs just $15 in gas.

“For us to work out of Tennessee..and go up to Corbin, It cost us nearly 90 dollars in gas to come up and back again. Just to do a simple measurement,” says Braten.

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