FBI Releases Crime Stats

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Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are reporting a decrease of 1.4% in the number of violent crimes from 2007 compared to 2006.

The numbers are also down for property crimes in that same time period. While Lexington can boast the same for it's property crimes, the numbers are up for violent crimes in town from 2006 to 2007.

According to a recent report released by the FBI, Lexington Police have been busier dealing with violent crimes in the last year than they were in 2006.

The number of murders reported to Lexington police in 2007 was nearly double that in 2006, jumping from 9 to 16.

There were also 45 more reported robberies in that time. Police were also forced to deal with 43 more aggravated assaults in Lexington in 2007 as opposed to the year prior.

But this same time span was also came with progress. In fact, Lexington saw the lowest reported felony crime statistics in past 30 years. So while some violent crimes showed an increase, other crimes went down.

There were 17 fewer reports of rape in 2007. Property crimes, which include vandalism, fell as did burglary and larceny. There were almost 100 less motor vehicle thefts in 2007 than there were in 2006. There were fewer reports of arson as well.

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