Standoff Ends Peacefully After Several Hours

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A threatening note left at the Aintree Condos on Redding Road leads to a standoff for several hours.

Police were called on Monday morning after a resident left a note at the office, in which she threatened to harm at least one employee and one resident.

Police say they attempted to make contact with the woman, but she refused to come out of her apartment. Neighbors identified the neighbor as Mary Stickler, who lives alone and suffers from mental illness.

"She refused to make any contact with police, she refused to come out of her house. They initiated an ERU response and attempted negotiation for the last three hours with her," said Assistant Chief Kevin Sutton with Lexington Police.

After several hours, police were finally able to force entry into her apartment and arrested her. No one was hurt.

Animal Control was also called out to remove Sticklers dog from her home.

It is still unknown at this point, if Stickler ever had a gun. She now faces terroristic threatening charges.

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