Danville Police Nab Thief Breaking Into Cars

Susan Shelton went outside to get her purse from inside her car on Tuesday morning. Instead, she found a huge mess in the backseat floorboard.

“Yes, I feel like someone has come in and taken anything I had moneywise and just personal items,” says Shelton.

Danville Police say Timothy Preston broke into nearly a dozen cars on Gwinn Island and Mocks Creek and attempted to steal from the inside of a car on Brookcove. But that's when his alleged victim came outside and ran him off. Police were called and after a short chase, Preston was arrested.

Reed Sanders was another victim. He doesn't understand why his XM Radio on his motorcycle was the only thing taken.

“They could've taken a bunch of other stuff last night but they didn't do that. And really, the XM Radio isn't of any use to them because I can cancel the subscription,” says Sanders.

Sanders says police told him of at trunk load of suspected stolen merchandise they found with the suspect. Shelton says along with her purse, her son's I-Pod was taken, and everything taken was worth at least $300.

“I’m happy that they caught him. I'm hoping it's the right guy. I hope if there are accomplices with him they get them as well. Hopefully find our belongings and return them to us,” says Shelton.

Timothy Preston was charged with receiving stolen property and fleeing and evading police.

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