Couple Charged In Accident That Injured Boy

A young boy was flown to a hospital Tuesday night with serious injuries and two people are in jail after the 12-year old was hit on his motorbike in Martin County.

The 12 year old on the motorbike and the car hit head on, sending the boy crashing into the windshield and then into the street where investigators say the car ran over him.

Deputies say the couple inside the car were drunk and then even tried to fight them at the scene.

The accident happened on Venter's Branch Road in Inez.

The 12 year old was flown to Cabell-Huntington Hospital.

Deputies arrested the married couple, Melodie Moore, and Scotty Griffith, at the scene after they put up a fight and they pepper sprayed Griffith.

Officers say that Moore was driving and the pair claimed it was an accident, but officers say both appeared under the influence.

Deputies say Griffith got mad when they tried to cuff him.

“While at the scene, the deputies were speaking with him and Melodie and were going to arrest him for alcohol intoxication, at that point, he felt, well, resisted arrest, explained to them he wasn't going to jail, and he wasn't going to be arrested,” Deputy Dwayne Crum said.

That's when officers say he ran away, then fought when they caught him, and they peppered sprayed him to arrest him.

Both Griffith and Moore face multiple charges including child endangerment charges because officers say they had two small children in the car.

The name of the 12 year old hit is not being released, but deputies say he was wearing a helmet that could have saved his life.

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