Crews Pull Horse From 15 Foot Deep Well

Rescue crews were called out Thursday morning to help save a horse, trapped in Madison County well.

It all happened on a farm on Charles White Road, that's north of Richmond, near the Jessamine County line.

A three-month-old filly fell around 15 feet into the well sometime Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Crews think she was in the well for hours before her owner discovered her plight.

Crews spent much of the day widening the space inside the well so rescue crew members could get to her.

She was stating on the bottom of the well, in about chest-high water. Throughout the day, her owner lowered hay into the well. It is known as a natural tranquilizer.

Sedatives and a tow truck were two of the tools used to pull the horse to safety. After she was checked out, the filly was returned to her mother to nurse.

This story has a happy ending, for now, but the animal isn't out of the woods just yet.

Veterinarians say they'll keep a close eye on the horse over the next few days, to make sure she doesn't develop any infections.

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