Drivers Expect Big Jump At The Pump

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Filling up at the gas station continues to be a dreadful event. With gas prices at $4.19 per gallon in Louisville, drivers here say they know all too well about the trickle effect. They say they know that means another spike in gas prices will make its way to town, sooner than later.

"The only thing you can do is just plan ahead, know what you're going to need and try to make amends for it, we have to have gas to go," says concerned driver, Sheila Dawson.

In order to stay on the go, drivers are being forced to seek money saving options.

Amy Cody says her family had to get rid of their SUV.

"My husband works out of county and he had an SUV, so we did trade it in for a smaller car and its really made a difference," she said.

Unfortunately, Tommy Clark says he's running out of options with his gas guzzler.

"We need the large capacity to take people to church so trading it in is not an option. So I'm just trying to limit driving as much as I can, but I'm just gonna live with it because resale on it is not great," says Clark.

Many of the drivers we spoke to say they're paying at least $15.00 more every time they fill up.

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