Police Charge Lexington Man With Killing His Aunt

A Lexington man is arrested for reckless homicide, charged in his aunt's death. Police say the woman died after being hit in the head.

Lexington police charged 21-year-old Patrick Combs on Thursday afternoon.

They say he's responsible for Jennie Beckum's death. She passed away this weekend, eight days after she was hit outside a home on Withers Avenue.

Combs' mother spoke to 27 NEWSFIRST about her son's arrest.

"He's terrified, he don't know what to do, he's scared to death because he know he didn't do this. He knows she knows he didn't do this," Dorothy Lamb said.

Patrick Combs' mom has been taking to Combs from jail, ever since police served him with a charge of killing his aunt.

"Patrick said he don't remember hitting her, it's a possibility it could have hit her, she may have fell and hit curb," Lamb said.

His mom says two men followed Patrick home early on the morning of June first. The three got into a heated argument.

That's when police reports say Patrick picked up a board and started to throw it at the men. Police say as Patrick drew back to throw the board, he hit his aunt in the head.

"When he seen his aunt laying on the ground, he picked her up and packed her in the house. He said- mom you need to come home I can't get Yaya to wake up," Lamb said.

Beckum died from the injuries 7 days later. Patrick's mother says he and Beckum were the best of friends. Wherever one was, the other was close behind.

"He would never, ever do anything to harm his aunt," she said.

Combs stands charged with reckless homicide and is being held in the Fayette County Detention Center. His bond is set at $7500.

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