Abuse, Corruption, Cover-Up At Fayette County Jail

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Five officers with the Fayette County Detention Center were indicted Thursday on charges that they abused inmates there and conspired to cover it up.

Those named in the federal indictment are corrections officers John McQueen, Sgt. Anthony Estep, officer Clarence McCoy, former corrections officer Scott Tyree and Lt. Kristen Lafoe.

All three worked third shift in the intake unit where inmates are booked and processed.

Jail officials are not commenting about the situation, but Mayor Jim Newberry released a statement. He said, "While the alleged violations occurred in 2006, prior to our administration taking office, we have over the past 17 months proactively implemented various measures to help ensure a safe and secure facility for both our employees and the inmates. In 2007, we installed video cameras in the intake area, one site of alleged criminal activity, and have completely restructured staff in intake."

All of the jail officers have been suspended with pay.

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