Boyle Firefighter Loses Home to Fire

James White was looking forward to a brand new home for his wife and kids. He says he was remodeling it to get rid of protect his children. Late thursday night...he was working on the windows.

“I left the room....20 or so minutes later it was on fire,” says White of the quick moving flames that engulfed the house.

He called for help... and he says the first firemen arrived within minutes.

“But you take a house that old, there's nothing to stop the fire. Nothing but wood, it's going to go up like nothing,” says White.

The Junction City Fire Department is right across the street from White’s home. But the volunteer firemen had to arrive at the station..from their homes, or other locations, first.

The fire chief says there were a few firefighters close by..and even White joined the battle briefly.

“I geared up for a moment, being my house, trying to take care of my family, who were sitting on the side line, I couldn't deal with that. I was trying to make sure they were alright.”

White says he has insurance...but not nearly enough to pay for the damages and begin again.

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