Boy Nearly Strangled On Swing Set; Sister a Lifesaver

He nearly died after an accident on a swing set, but a young Kentucky boy is alive thanks to his eight-year-old sister's quick thinking. Six-year-old Ian Conrad and his sister Kate were playing in their backyard in Warren County Saturday.

Ian was swinging when suddenly the backpack he was wearing got caught up in the swing, wrapped around his neck, and starting choking him. Kate sprang into action. She ran to tell their parents what happened.

"My husband and I were sitting on the couch. My daughter comes running in saying momma, Ian's hung. He's caught," said Angie Conrad, Ian's mother. They told Kate to call an ambulance.

"I started pushing the buttons and I was shaking.I hit a wrong button. So I had to push nine, and then one one," Kate said.

"As soon as we hit the door and looked out the window we saw him hanging limp," said Angie.

Ian then lost consciousness so his parents performed CPR until emergency crews arrived. He was taken to the hospital. His mother says he's expected to be OK.

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