13-Year-Old Shooting Victim Out Of Hospital

Family members say Johnny Smith had spent his Father's Day on a 4-wheeler. But when he returned to his Clay County home Sunday night, police say he had also been drinking heavily.

"Apparently he was in an intoxicated state," said Ky. State Police Trooper Don Trosper.

Neighbors say Smith has a big family, lots of kids, and police say Smith got into argument with one of his older daughters.

"As the family tried to leave the residence.and let things settle down, that's when he stepped out and fired a shot at the car," said Trooper Trosper.

Police say Smith didn't hit the daughter he was angry with. Police say his younger, 13-year-old daughter was hit. Family members say the bullet hit her in the face.

Family members say the shooting was just an accident. They say Smith did not intend to hurt his own daughter.

Whether it was an accident or not, neighbors say the incident is a shocker, especially for a father to so many kids to do this on a day set aside to being honored.

"I guess Father's Day is considered a holiday and you're wanting to have a good day and honor your father and an incident like this occurred.," said Trosper.

The girl, Amber Smith, has been released from Kentucky Children's Hospital.

Johnny Smith is being held on a $25,000 full cash bond. He declined our request for an interview.

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