Chile's president declares state of emergency

MGN Online

ANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - Chile's president has declared a state of emergency in the region where a powerful earthquake has struck off the country's northern coast.

Five people were killed, landslides have blocked roads, fires have destroyed several businesses and power has been knocked out to thousands.

Some 300 inmates escaped from a women's prison.

The government also has extended tsunami warnings for northernmost Chile.


Chile seems to have escaped major damage or a large number of casualties following a powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake off the northern coast.

Chile's interior minister says at least five people died, either from heart attacks or being crushed to death.

And a small tsunami forced evacuations along the country's entire Pacific coast.

The quake and more than 10 strong aftershocks also loosened landslides that blocked roads. Power has been cut to thousands and several businesses have caught fire.

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