20 years have passed since Trent DiGiuro murder

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) It’s a murder case that grabbed attention across the country. Thursday marked 20 years since UK football player Trent DiGiuro was shot to death outside his Lexington home.

The case went unsolved for years until police arrested Shane Ragland.

Two decades later, Officer Don Evans can still recall what happened the night of July 17, 1994 like it was yesterday.

“When I pulled up here, instantly I started thinking about that night,” former Lexington Police Detective Don Evans told us.

“Trent was ambushed. He was sitting on his porch during his 21st birthday party and was ambushed.”

Trent DiGiuro was assassinated on his front porch but the question of who did it and why wasn't answered until years later.

The night Trent was murdered, investigators questioned nearly every resident along Woodland Avenue but they didn't end up visiting one house.

Ironically, that’s where Shane Ragland was living at the time.

“Shane Ragland lived a few doors down from 570 Woodland Avenue.
The theory is that Shane got on his bike and rode it to a location across the street. There are some bushes across from the house and that’s where, theoretically, he fired the shot from,” Evans explained.

Ragland was initially found guilty of murder and sentenced to 30 years but his conviction was eventually overturned.

In 2007, Ragland plead guilty to 2nd degree manslaughter and was released on time already served.

“How do you go from a 30-year sentence to walking out a free person? How does that happen?” Evans asked.

Shane Ragland is now confined to a wheelchair following a 2012 car accident.

His girlfriend filed an emergency protective order against him last December in Louisville, but she later asked a judge to drop it.

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