Victims search for travel solutions after tires slashed

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Here's a flat tire, and another, and another. In all, Georgetown Police say they have more than 50 cases of victims reporting any number of their tires slashed in the Indian Acres neighborhood.

"It was a lot of work," described Joshua Barcomb, who spoke with WKYT the morning after the harsh discovery when he found three of his tires cut.

"I was able to get the car (towed) and taken in and had all four tires replaced on it because I can't just replace three of them."

The price tag, he said, "was a little over $700."

That's rough. Still, some may find Barcomb among the fortunate because he was able to get his tires fixed before the Easter holiday closed down the repair shops.

"One car like that is enough but 50-something, there's something wrong," described Jeremiah Brown who was not so lucky.

"It wasn't exactly what I wanted to be doing today."

Brown's neighbor was hit, too, only he was able to put a spare on the only tire cut. As for Brown, well, he lost all four tires!

"Oh, it's bad! I don't even know the words to describe it."

Brown says he first saw only one flat tire Saturday night, so he went to air it up, instead, he heard air hissing out of the sidewall of the tire. A quick inspection revealed all of them were slashed.

Now, he's forced to wait, because his special tires aren't available in just any store inventory, which means work on Monday will be tough to get to.

"I've got to find a ride to work tomorrow with my wife's car, and just try to find somebody that can get her around to what she needs to do with my son," figured Brown.

For these victims, they say they're happy to hear that the teens behind the crime were caught.

"Yeah, a little peace of mind," described Barcomb.

Brown added that he hopes the trio will learn their lesson. "I can't believe somebody would take the time out of their day to just wreak havoc on people that have done nothing to them."

With his car on blocks, Brown chuckles at the Easter surprise he did not want to find, "That's my luck!"

Police are charging three teens for roughly 50 cases of criminal mischief. The three teens are expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

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