Southern KY Man Turned Bee Swarms Into Business

For Tom Osborne, the discovery in the trees on the side of his house in Keavy began with fear.

“My son called me up and said, Dad, you gotta do something. They're going to kill somebody,” said Osborne.

Over the next few days, Osborne found 3 swarms of bees in his peach and cherry trees outside his southern Laurel County home. They had been living in the underpinning of his house and the fruit trees drew them out.

Instead of killing them, he called a beekeeper, who helped him guide the bees into boxes where they'll eventually make honey.

“And when we did that, it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Every one of those bees turned and marched right into it,” said Osborne, who says bees enter the boxes only if the queen bee goes first.

It’s obviously a hobby but Osborne says it's also very important for the environment. He says it's important for the future of every human on earth.

“I like to say if they go, we go.They pollinate everything we eat. Everything. They're just marvelous creatures. They provide us with food,” he said.

If you see a swarm of bees on your property, don’t kill them. You should call your local extension agent who can arrange for a beekeeper to remove them safely.

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