Copper Thieves Strike Lexington Again

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For KU officials, it's well beyond annoying now. For the seventh time, someone has cut a hole in a fence, went into an extremely high voltage area and stole the copper wiring used to ground the electricity.

It's now starting to cost KU time to fix the problem and money for replacing the copper and paying the people to do the work.

The latest theft was spotted Monday.

While most of the crimes occur in rural parts of Central Kentucky, this one happened on North Limestone, near downtown Lexington.

Walter Sailor is in charge of landscaping the area around the substations and says last week he saw another hole at a KU substation in Georgetown near the Toyota plant.

Last week, Lexington police arrested at least two people for stealing copper from KU stations in Lexington and Paris and thought it might have been the end of the crime spree.

Now KU officials fear it might take a drastic accident, like someone electrocuting themselves, to stop others from committing this crime.

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