Thieves Hit Lexington Food Bank For Third Time In A Week

Its mission is to help feed the hungry in communities around our region, but three times in the last week, thieves have struck a God's Pantry location in Lexington.

Police are now looking for clues at the center on Traveler Road.

A God's Pantry volunteer showed up on Thursday morning to find that, once again, someone had jimmied the door and broke into the center.

The person, or persons, got away with three cases of frozen catfish and some canned goods. Earlier this week, thieves took some new air conditioning units from the facility.

Police found a shopping cart that the thieves used to cart away the stolen food around the block. They had left behind some canned peas.

People who work with God's Pantry say the irony of this latest burglary was that they were planning to install a new deadbolt on the door sometime on Thursday. Now, the food bank is temporarily closed until a strong door and deadbolt can be installed.

The God's Pantry center on Traveler Road has been open since October. All six God's Pantry centers in Lexington combined serve about 1200 family per month. That's a 34 percent increase from this time last year.

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