Brother of Clay City Police Chief Reacts to Lawsuit

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Clay City Police Chief Randy Lacy's widow, Ruth, has filed a lawsuit seeking financial damages.

Ruth Lacy filed the lawsuit against the city of Clay City and Jamie Barnett, the man accused of killing him.

Chester Lacy, the eldest of the Lacy brothers, says Ruth Lacy had every right to file this lawsuit.

"It will be very important for her that she obtain all the money she can obtain from the proper procedures that's out there to get," says Chester Lacy, the brother of Chief Randy Lacy.

The lawsuit alleges the city of Clay City didn't provide sufficient police protection to and for the city and didn't give officers the proper training.

It also names Jamie Barnett in the lawsuit for allegedly shooting Chief Lacy.

Chester Lacy says this type of lawsuit isn't new for some spouses of city officials whose loved ones are hurt on the job.

"If they're hurt or killed then these procedures has to be done the way its been done. You have to do it within a year," says Chester Lacy.

As for this lawsuit and Jamie Barnett's trial running hand in hand, he says it's something that's going to be hard on the Lacy family, but has to be done.

"It's just something we got to put up with, and really would rather get them both over with at the same time than to have them spread out apart. I think all the family would really," says Chester Lacy.

Meanwhile, Jamie Barnett, one of the defendants in this case, is due back in court next month.

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