New Lexington Luxury Resort For Dogs

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If you're going on vacation this summer, you may be planning to stay at a luxury resort, and now so can your dog.

Uptown Hounds Luxury Resort on Angliana Avenue features lots of marble and granite and tile galore. For $59.95, your pampered pooch can stay in the Presidential Quarters in an extra large bed with signature sheets and much more.

Owner Steve Robinson tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "The Presidential rooms are actually 12 X 8, decorated of course. We've got TV's, couches, all the comforts of home. We tried to make it like we're the Ritz Carlton of pet hotels."

And coming soon, video conferencing. Robinson says, "Any place in the world that you are, you can get online, and as long as you have a camera on your end, you can see your pet and your pet can see you and hear you."

The Presidential Suite with one bedroom at the Radisson in Lexington goes for $750, but they don't offer video conferencing. Uptown Hounds also has a Las Vegas style pool where guests don't necessarily have to do the dog paddle.

Now, if you think your dog might be a little self conscious about living so high on the hog, you could put him in a less expensive Hound's Room that doesn't scream luxury. Steve Robinson points out though, "Even our Hound's Rooms are top notch, they're just a little smaller, and the price points are better."

The building, which used to be a tobacco warehouse now has a salon and even a concierge, but surely you're dog won't need someone to call a cab for him.

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