Historic Mansion Gutted By Fire

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A piece of history in eastern Kentucky goes up in flames.

The Enchanted Mountain Mansion near Paintsville caught fire late Thursday afternoon.

WYMT's Angela Sparkman was there as the homeowner returned from Florida to find his house in ruins.

Charred remains is all that's left of the Enchanted Mountain Mansion.

Owner James Green was on his way home from a Florida vacation, but when he pulled up, he discovered his home was destroyed.

Firefighters say the blaze spread quickly and was already out of control when they arrived.

Some home video shows just how bad it was.

“It was just out the roof. It was just a big blaze. We thought we had it, we had it controlled, and we ran low on water and it just accelerated,” West Van Lear Fire Chief, Bill Robinson said.

Firefighters say the hydrant didn't have enough water and then they had trouble getting enough truck loads of water quickly to the scene.

The fire raged for three hours.

No one was hurt, but firefighters say nothing was saved in the 12-thousand square foot building.

Investigators don't know how the fire started, but say they don't suspect foul play.

“Not at this point, but nothing's been ruled out. We're just beginning the investigation, so anything is still possible I guess, but there is nothing to indicate foul play,” KSP Arson Investigator Don Parker said.

Green and his family lost all they own.

Others say the community lost a gem full of memories.

Green says that's why he bought it two years ago, “I just always liked it and admired it, you know,” Green said.

Green doesn't know what he'll do now.

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