Murder Investigation Underway in Whitley County

Few cars travel Cain Gap Rd. in Whitley County...fewer still at night. But one driver made a discovery about 2:30 a.m. Friday that he'll probably never forget. That man says he's too shook up to talk about finding a man dead..from 3 gunshots wounds, but others say a murder in this area is rare.

“Well it's really scary. Cause nothing like this has ever happened around here,” says James Durham, who lives close to the crime scene.

Police say 35 year old Larry D. Jones was probably killed where his body was found.

“The focus of the investigation is on who committed the crime. We have some leads...which we are covering,” said Det. Colan Harrell of Kentucky State Police.

Jones was from an area just east of Williamsburg. Police say he's well-known in Whitley County but they're not commenting on his reputation. But court records show he has a history of theft and drug convictions. Jail records show he’s been incarcerated a total of 9 times….and was just released last month.

Larry Jones’ mother says she is shocked and puzzled over what happened, and just wants police to find out who killed her son.

That's what James Durham wants too, since he lives within a mile of the crime scene.

“You never know. It could be anywhere, any place after this shooting. You never know. I told my wife instead of loading one gun, I'll load 2 now!” says Durham.

Police won't comment on a motive...but from hearing about other criminal activity in Whitley County of late..he believes this violence could be the result of illegal drug activity.

“I think that's what's causing murder, house break ins, rogueing and everything else,” Durham said.

Police say Jones was probably killed within a hour of his body being found

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