Pilot Arrested for Drinking

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A pilot was arrested at Bluegrass Airport early Thursday morning after one of his passengers smelled alcohol on him. Police say 51-year old Stephen Lynn of Arkansas failed a sobriety test.

Polly DeWitt's husband, Kevin was scheduled to fly to St. Louis to enter a rehab center for a spinal cord injury. Dewitt says her husband, an Iraqi war veteran was in a diving accident in May leaving him a quadriplegic.

DeWitt says she notified police after smelling alcohol on Lynn. Court records state Lynn blew a .007 on a breathalyser test, well below the legal driving limit of .08 and the legal flying limit of .04.

Lynn's attorney says his client had a few drinks before 11pm the previous night and that was what showed up. He is confident the prosecution will not proceed with the case and it will be dismissed.

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