Suspect Arrested in Central Bank Robbery

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It's Friday afternoon and payday for many people, but the Central Bank in front of the Turfland Mall was closed.

"I guess times are tough. I don't know," said bank customer, Danny Dykes.

"I need my check cashed! I'm almost out of gas," said bank customer Maria Lucas.

"i said... no.. they hadn't been robbed," Jimmy Lucero, a bank customer, said he told to a friend.

But, the Central Bank on Harrodsburg Road was robbed by a man armed with a handgun.

"He had a shirt or some type of cloth pulled up covering his mouth," said Sergeant Pete Ford, with the Lexington Police Department.

"He demanded money and two employees that we present in that area at the time complied," Sergeant Pete Ford said.

Within 15 minutes information came in and they had their suspect.
46 year-old Randy Pierson of Dry Ridge in Grant County.
His 1989 Ford van was stopped by a swarm of officers at North Broadway and West 2nd Street and as quickly as the Central Bank was robbed, the suspect was found.

"This was a situation that we wanted to get this person off the street as soon as possible," said Sergeant Pete Ford.

The suspect, Randy Pierson, has been lodged in the Fayette County Jail, charged with 1st Degree Robbery.

This is the second time this year a robber has hit the Central Bank on Harrodsburg Road.

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